Norb Olind Construction provides complete design and installation of OFF GRID SYSTEMS that allow you to build your home in Wyoming's  most remote areas where Rual Electric Services are not available or where running the line would be prohibitively expensive. We install systems that combine Solar PV , and Residential scaled Wind Turbines that interface to controllers that charge batteries. Then inverters convert the DC power to AC. This allows you to have all the modern conviences with out being connected to the Grid.  These systems are typically backed up with a propane powered electric generator.The reliability, efficiency, and affordability  of these systems is continually improving.
NOC works with expert subcontractors and uses technology proven to perform in the harsh  climate and extreme wind conditions experienced in the Wyoming front range. Whether you are planning a Hunters Cabin, Vacation Home or Large Permanent Residence, we have the experience to design and install a complete system to meet your needs. Call us and we will be glad to discuss what is currently available and proven reliable.